Energy Harvesting Wireless Node 7 Апрель 2015, 08:40

The EH-Link™ is a versatile multi-sensor node that runs on ambient energy sources such as vibration, light, and inductance. 

Product Highlights

• Sophisticated self-powered node can harvest energy from ambient energy sources for indefinite remote deployment.
• On-board high-speed triaxial accelerometer, internal temperature sensor, internal relative humidity sensor,
and an analog input channel provide many sensing options.
• Supports auxiliary energy storage options such as super-capacitors and rechargeable thin film batteries

LORD MicroStrain® LXRS® Wireless Sensor Networks enable simultaneous, high- speed sensing and data aggregation from scalable sensor networks. Our wireless sensing systems are ideal for sensor monitoring, data acquisition, performance analysis, and sensing response applications.
The gateways are the heart of the LORD MicroStrain wireless sensing system. They coordinate and maintain wireless transmissions across a network of distributed wireless sensor nodes . The LORD MicroStrain LXRS wireless communication protocol between LXRS nodes and gateways enable high- speed sampling, ±32 microseconds node- to- node synchronization, transmission range up to 2 kilometers, and lossless data throughput under most operating conditions.
Users can easily program nodes for data logging, continuous, event- triggered, and periodic burst sampling with the Node Commander ® software. The web- based SensorCloud™ interface optimizes data aggregation, analysis, presentation, and alerts for gigabytes of sensor data from remote networks.