Carrier Amplifier-Oscillator/Demodulator for DVRTs®; Inductive, Capacitive and Resistive Bridge Circuits 7 Апрель 2015, 08:47
The DEMOD-DC® in-line signal conditioner makes DVRT® sensors as easy to use as a potentiometer. With integral signal conditioning electronics, the user connects power, ground and analog out, and the DEMOD-DC® outputs a buffered, high-frequency response voltage proportional to linear position. During the manufacturing process the analog output voltage is digitally trimmed, ensuring that every DVRT®’s offset and gain values match one another. The DEMOD-DC® provides internal power regulation and reverse polarity protection, and will operate with a wide range of input voltages.

Ease of Implementation

out-of-the-box use with all standard LORD MicroStrain® DVRT® sensors
miniature body for embedded and space restricted applications
identical performance between units for quick scaling

High Performance

high dynamic range for difficult measurements
ready for use with LORD MicroStrain® wireless sensor network